Verbal Fluency

How to Play

Swipe across the alphabet to choose your letter or try the 'Random' button. Some letters are more difficult than others! Choose a target time and word length, then start the game.

After the 3 second countdown, quickly type words beginning with the chosen letter. All of the words must be the length that you chose on the previous screen.

Once you have typed a word, it will automatically be verified. If the word is real, it will appear in green and be added to your score. If not, it will appear in red and will not increase your score. If you enter the same word twice, it will flash in yellow and will not increase your score.

Once the game is over, you will be shown your score to see how you did. You can share this score with others to challenge them. Tap 'Play Again' to try to improve your score, change letter, and more.

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