Stock Control

Low Stock Alerts

Learn how to set up low stock alerts for your products in Stock Control


1 - Open your Stock List

Low stock alerts can only be created by the administrator of the Stock List. If you have access to multiple lists, open the list picker by pressing the sharing icon in the top left corner and choose the list that says 'Owner'. This should be the first option in the list.

2 - Open product details view

Choose the product that you would like to set the low stock alerts for. You can set different low stock alert values for each product. Tap on the product to open the product details slideover view.

3 - Set low stock alert values

Press on the 'Set Up Low Stock Alert Quantity' button below the current quantity values area. This will show the low stock alert settings.
You can set a low stock alert for each location separately and for a combined total across all locations. Once you have set these values, press the 'Done' button at the bottom of the settings view.

4 - Receiving low stock alerts

When the current product quantity value is equal to or less than the number entered for each location, or the combined total across all locations, a push notification will be sent to each device that has registered for notifications from this stock list.
You will need to make sure that Push Notifications are allowed for this app in the device Settings app. You can check this by going to Settings > Notifications > Stock Control and making sure that the 'Allow Notifications' switch is turned on (Green).

5 - Edit low stock alert values

Once you have set up low stock alerts for a product, you can change the alert values by pressing on the 'Low Stock Alert Quantity: #' button to open the settings view and changing the values for each location.


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