Stock Control

Create a Product

Learn how to add products to your list in Stock Control


1 - Open your Stock List

If you have access to multiple lists, choose the list where you would like to add the product. Selecting a list will show the existing prodcts in that list. If the list you have selected does not contain products, you will see a button in the center of the screen to create a product.

2 - Add the product record

Press the blue + button in the bottom left corner of the screen to create a new product record. Once the new product record is created, it will automatically open in the slide over view.

3 - Add a product image

Press on the 'Choose Photo' button in the slideover view for the new product. You can choose a photo from your Photo Library, from the Files app (Finder on Mac) or take a new photo of the product using the camera built in to your iPhone or iPad.

4 - Describe your product

You can enter a name and description for your new product. The product name will be visible on the grid and list view to help you to easily identify the product that you would like to update. You can also search for a product using the product name value.
All changes to the product name and description are automatically saved once you finish editing them.

5 - Enter current quantities

Under the 'Quantity' title for the new product, press the blue 'Edit' button to show the quantity editor view. You can then use the + and - buttons to set the current quantity values for this product in each of your locations. You can also tap on the number for each location to type the quantity value directly in to this field.
If you have added this product while viewing a specific location, the blue 'Edit' button will say 'Edit All Locations'.

6 - Low Stock Alerts (Optional)

You can set up low stock alerts for your new product to be notified when you are running low on a certain product. Please see the 'Low Stock Alerts' tutorial for more information.


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