Site Plans

Delete a Plan

Learn how to delete a plan in Site Plans


1 - Choose a site

Choose the site that contains the plan you would like to delete, and tap on the site to open it.

2 - Name your plan

Find the plan ou would like to delete in the grid view, then tap on it to open it in the Plan Viewer.

3- Open the plan preferences

Once the plan is open, tap on the preferences sliders icon in the top right corner. This will show the preferences dialogue for the selected plan.

4 - Delete the plan

Press the red 'Delete Plan' button. This will then show a confirmation dialogue to confirm that you would like to delete the plan, as this action can NOT be undone.
If you are sure you would like to delete the plan, press the 'Confirm Delete' button to delete the plan file.
If you are not sure that you would like to delete the plan file, press the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of the dialogue box.


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