Developer Colour Palette

Image Colour Picker

Choose a colour and extract
dominant colours from an image.

Video Tutorial


1 - Import your image

Tap on the image picker icon to the right of the current colour view. You will see a menu that allows you to import an image from your Photo Library, Files or take a new photo with the camera.

2 - Select an image

Once you have selected an image, the image will automatically appear in the picker view and start processing.

3 - Choose a colour

Drag anywhere on the image to move the picker magnifier. As you drag around the screen, the HEX value below the image picker will update to show you the value of the colour in the center of the picker magnifier view.

4 - AI colour detector (Subscription Required)

If you have an active subscription, the app will automatically detect dominant colours from the image using artificial intelligence and show them in a scrolling colour palette below the image.
You can use the 'Create Palette' button to create a new palette that contains all of the detected colours.
Usage limits apply. Please click here for more details.

5 - Select the colour

Once you have chosen the colour from the image, you can tap the 'Copy' button next to the HEX value to copy it to your clipboard.
You can also press the 'Done' button to show the selected colour in your main colour picker view to modify the colour, copy other values or add it to a palette.


Developer Colour Palette