Developer Colour Palette

AI Palette Assistant

Generate a palette from a word
or get the colours of an object.

Video Tutorial


1 - Launch the assistant

Tap the 'Palette Assistant' wand icon button to the left of the current colour view. This will show the AI Palette Assistant UI.

2 - Enter a prompt phrase

Tap on the prompt field to show the keyboard and start typing. You can enter scenes, companies, animals, flags and much more.
For example:
French Flag - Sunset - New York Taxi - London Bus - Giraffe

3 - Generate palette

Press the 'Generate Palette' button to send this request to the assistant (powered by ChatGPT/OpenAI). This will process your request and deliver a number of colours (depending on your request) that will be shown on screen.

4 - Create a palette (Optional)

You can then tap the 'Create Palette' button to create a new palette that contains the colours generated and will be automatically names after the prompt phrase you entered.


Developer Colour Palette