Finding iMessage Apps

CalcKey is an iMessage only app, which means that is does not
appear on the home screen of your device.
You can find all of your iMessage apps that are installed on your device by;


1 - Open Messages

Open the Messages app. iMessage apps can only be found in the default "Messages" app made by Apple, on your iPhone or iPad. They are not available in any third-party messaging apps or social media apps.

2 - Start a conversation

Tap on one of your existing conversations in the Messages list, or start a new one and enter the contact details of one of your friends that also uses iMessage.

3 - View iMessage Apps

Tap on the "iMessage Apps" icon, between the camera button and the message field. This will open the iMessage Apps tray and show you some of the other iMessage Apps that you currently have installed.

4 - Open CalcKey

Scroll horizontally along the iMessage Apps list until you see the CalcKey icon. If you do not see CalcKey in this list, tap the "More" button, then scroll down the list until you see CalcKey.
Tapping on the app will open it and you can begin using the app.

5 - Add to favourites (Optional)

To make CalcKey easier to find next time, you can open the "More" list again, tap "Edit" in the top right corner and press the "+" icon on the left hand side of the CalcKey app icon.