Agreement Forms

Create and Share a Form

This video shows you how to create a new Agreement Form on the Smudge Dashboard and share it with your customers on Social Media.

Video Demo


1 - Press the 'New Form' button

Open the Agreement Forms app from the Smudge Dashboard and press the 'New Form' button in the preferences section, below the 'Your Forms' list.

2 - Enter the requested information

You will be asked to enter a Form Title, Name of Sender, Form Message and a Form Continue Link. Each field has a short description above it to tell you what this information is used for and where it is displayed.

3 - Save the form

Press the 'Save Form' button to create your new Agreement Form. Pressing this button will automatically create your new form, set up the hosting for this form, generate the share and embed links and prepare your form to begin receiving and saving responses immediately once it goes live.

4 - Copy your Share Link

Click on the 'Link' button in the settings column, next to the form that you have just created. Clicking this will show a popup box containing the link. Press the 'Copy Link' button to copy the Agreement Form URL.

5 - Paste your Share Link

You can now paste the Share Link to your new form on Social Media, share it via a messaging app, add it to your website, include it in an email or anywhere else that supports link sharing. Your customers can then click on this link to view your new Agreement Form.


Agreement Forms