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Stock List

Share your stock list online
from only £25/month.

Share your product list online, either linking from your existing website, or from social media even if you do not have a website.


  • Share your product list online using a public web link.
  • Works across all devices so you customer can view your product catalogue on their phone, tablet or computer.
  • Payments and sales are handled off site, so no need to pay commission for products sold.
  • Keep your stock availability up to date, so your customers know what you have in stock and what you have already sold.
  • Easy to use admin site for uploading products.
  • Web based admin site allows you to add and edit products from your phone, tablet or computer.
Stock List Admin Console

Admin Console on Mobile

Keep your products list up to date wherever you are by using the Stock List admin app on your phone, so your customers always have your latest stock availability.

Video Demo

Learn how to add a product in the admin console.

Example Use Cases

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