Business Card Scan

An intelligent business card scanner powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Business Card Scan will extract, analyse and format the details on the business cards that you scan and automatically categorise them in to name, phone number, email address and web link fields. These fields can then be given custom title descriptions to help you to quickly find the contact details that you are looking for.
Any other details on the card are automatically separated and created as custom fields that you can label.

Text is automatically detected, extracted and formatted from the card

View the business cards that you have scanned on device and in iCloud

Add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, web links and custom fields

Search by phone number, email address, web link, custom fields and notes

Add custom fields and enter notes on each business card

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Business Card Scan automatically saves any cards that are added and data that is entered on your device for quick and offline access. The cards and their information is also synced through iCloud so you can access this information on your other Apple Devices.

You can create new custom fields to add data that is not included on the business card and enter custom unstructured data in to the notes section for each card. All of the information for each card is searchable from the Business Card Scan grid view of all of your cards. Cards in the grid view are automatically sorted by the date they have most recently been edited and can also be sorted by “Date Added”, “First Name” or “Surname”.

Available on iPhone and iPad.

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7 day free trial.
Subscription required after trial expires.

Business Card Scan can not gaurentee the accuracy or completeness of the text recognition features when scanning a card. You must check all data after each card is scanned.